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University System of scientific periodicals of Tarbiat Modares
Guidelines for writing articles
From now on, the title of the Journal of comprative law Research, shifted to Modares Humanities – Comparative Law Researches. Submissions will be accepted only through the web sites of the journal mentioned at the end of this guideline.
All contributors are requested to follow the instructions below:
1. Articles should be written in Persian and be comparative.
2. Articles should not have been published already, nor be currently under consideration elsewhere.
3. Articles should be research oriented and the result of the author/'s own work. Reviews by distinguished author’s who has already published research articles in the related fields will also be accepted, provided that they are based on multiple references.
4. Translations are not accepted.
5. The length of the article should not normally exceed 20 pages.(6500 words).
6. All articles should include abstract (both in English and Persian), keywords, introduction, the main text, conclusion, and bibliography.
7. Each articles should come with the following information on a separate sheet (both in Persian and English):the exact title of the article, author/'s name (identifying the correspond author with a star*),academic ranking, affiliation, full address, e-mail, telephone, cell phone, and fax number of the corresponding author.
If the costs of doing research or preparing the article are afforded by any institute, the name of the institute should be mentioned.
8. Abstract should not be more than 200-250 words accompanied by up to 5 keywords.
9. Articles must be typed on A4 paper with regular font (preferably thin), size 12 for Persian, and size 10 in Times New Roman for Latin in Word, Windows XP.
10. References cited in the text should be numbered in square brackets ([ ]), and should be listed in their order of appearance in references section. Avoid repeating a reference in this section. If a reference is frequently used, include only number and other additional information in the brackets, e.g., referring for the first time: [1, Vol.1, p.6] . Referring for the second time: [1, Vol.2, p.20].
11. The English equivalent of persian words (if required) should be provided in a footnote with new numbering each page.
12. Referencing: 
a) Books: Name of the author/s, title of the book, translator, place of publication, publisher year, page.
Example: [1] Garland, D., "Punishment and Society"; Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1990, p.23.
b) Articles: Name of the author/s, title of the paper, title of the journal, volume, year, page.
Example: [2] Steffensmeier, D.,& Britt, C.L., Judges' race and judicial decision making, Social Science Quarterly: 82, 2001, 749-64.
13. Articles extracted from dissertations and  theses will be published under the supervisor's name and responsibility, while the advisor and student's name will be included as co-authors.
14. Each submission will be refereed unanimously by three referees.
15. Correspondent author is responsible for the accuracy of content and quotations, for supplying complete and correct references, and obtaining permission where needed to cite another author's material.
16. Cooperation of the correspondent author is necessary and facilitates the processes of acceptance and publication of the paper.
17. The Journal maintains the rights to accept or reject (and edit) articles.
18. Having been published, one copy of the Journal will be sent to the author/s, and five copies of off-prints for correspondent author.
19. The original copies of the submitted articles will be kept in Journal's office for only three months; after this period of time, articles will be deleted automatically, and the Journal will not be responsible for them.
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