Reference Style Guide

Dear author, when referencing the sources in the article, make sure that the referencing method in this publication is APA.

* Book:
Last name, author's name (date of publication). Book title in italics, translator's name, place of publication, publisher's name, number and volume.
Crawford, James (2012). Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law, London, Oxford University Press-

* Article in the journal:
Last name, author's name (date of publication). The full title of the article in quotation marks, the name of the journal in italics, the journal number, the number of the first and last pages of the article, for example:
Donnelly, Jack (1980). "Natural Law and Right in Aquinas' Political Thought", The Western Political Quarterly, vol. 33, pp. 520-535

* Article in the book
collection of articles:
Surname of the author of the article, name of the author of the article (date of publication). "Title of the article in quotation marks", in: name and surname of the scientific editor/editors of the book, title of the book in italics, place of publication, name of the publisher, number of pages at the beginning and end of the article.

Scovazzi, Tullio (2006). "The Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Article 303 and the UNESCO Convention", in: D. Freestone, R. Barnes and D. Ong (eds.), The Law of the Sea Progress and Prospects, Oxford University Press, pp. 120-136.

* Conference/conference article:
Last name, author's name (year). "Title of the article in quotation marks", name of the conference, C (volume number), C (print number), venue.
- Ayin, Alireza and Shirvani, Khadija (2016). "Ethical Justice in Islamic Law", International Conference on Justice and Ethics in the School of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) with an emphasis on the life and teachings of Imam Reza (AS), Mashhad.

* Votes: Order No. (order number) dated (issue date), issued by (authority issuing the order)

** Laws and regulations must be mentioned with the full title of the law and the year of approval. If the law is related to a foreign country, it is necessary to put the name of the country in parentheses at the end.

* Research Project: Last name, author's name (year). Project title, project details (intra-academic, institutional or...), university or organization name.

* Dissertation and thesis: Last name, author's name (year of defense). Title of the thesis (in bold), thesis for obtaining a degree (Masters/PhD), name of the faculty and university.

* Electronic resources: Author (if there is no author, the source should start with the title of the article), "Title of the article", publication date (or beta), at: <> last visited on 17 June 1400. ** A scientific-research article should not refer to websites like Wikipedia and the like. In addition, referring to anonymous blogs and sites distorts the scientific value of the article. It is recommended that the sources used are related to the last ten years leading to the writing of the article in order to strengthen the novelty of the article. - To know how to translate Persian sources into English, download the following file: Guide to translating Persian sources into English